Date: May, 2015 Intersolar Europe 2015

OPTI-Solar participates in Intersolar Europe 2015

OPTI-Solar will participate from the 10th to the 12th of June in the Intersolar Europe 2015 exhibition in Munich (Germany), one of the leading events with the biggest repercussion in the solar industry.

We hope to see you at our booth, you can find us at Hall B3, Booth No.577

Event: Intersolar Europe 2015
Date: 10-12 June, 2015
Venue: Messe München, 81823 Munich, Germany
Booth: Hall B3, Booth No.577 (See map of fairground)

OPTI-Solar Website: http://www.opti-solar.eu

Date: June, 2014 The edition of Feria Nordelta 2014

Energias Inteligentes representing OPTI-Solar in South America

OPTI-Solar exclusive representative in Argentina, Energias Inteligentes, participated to the 2014 edition of Feria Nordelta. The solar exhibition took place on the 17-18 of May and it was a great success for business and professional networking. As for Energias Inteligentes, many visitors stopped by to know more about our complete systems composed of solar inverter, charge controller and solar panel. It was a good opportunity for us to present our brand and our solutions to more people in South America, a region that gathers ideal conditions for the utilization of solar energy.

We are proud to support our partner, Energias Inteligentes, a very young and active company which is growing really fast. We share with them a vision and a mission to provide complete solutions in renewable energy systems in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

In fact, they also joined the agriculture fair of Agroactiva 2014 on the 4-7 of June, in Cañada de Gomez, Santa Fe, the largest fair in the open world with more than 800 exhibitors and an area of 20 hectares. Energias Inteligentes presented as well our renewable energy systems and especially our hybrid solar installations that won great resounding during the fair. They displayed the hybrid installation through a running system that fed the stand, and managed to attract over 500 visitors interested in cutting edge technology.

Many thanks for the people who took the time to visit our partner's booth at these exhibitions and if you didn't have the chance to meet them or if you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact them in Argentina through http://www.energiasinteligentes.com.

OPTI-Solar Website: http://www.opti-solar.eu

Date: April, 2014 ZITE 2014

Event: Zambia International Trade Expo.
Date: 25 -27th April, 2014
Venue: Mulungushi International Conference Centre Lusaka, Zambia
Booth: NECOR (Z) Limited Stand

OPTI-Solar Website: http://www.opti-solar.eu

Date: April, 2014 INVEX 2014 Milan

OPTI-Solar participated to INVEX exhibition organized in Milan, Italy on 19 February 2014

The 2014 edition of INVEX, the only Italian B2B event dedicated to inverters, batteries, energy storage and charging stations, was this year again a great success for business and professional networking. In a context of growth in Europe for the inverter sector, about 500 qualified professionals attended the exhibition, from small independent installers to industry’s leading brands such as OPTI.

During this year's event, the fourth of its kind, OPTI appeared as a strong, reliable and experienced actor with its 20 years on the international market.  It was the opportunity to display once again the quality of the wide range of products and to present the new products, in line with the market changes. It was the chance as well for some European actors to realize that the “made in Taiwan” has nothing to do with other low quality short-term manufactured products, a confusion that is still too often present in some people’s mind.

Many thanks for the people who took the time to visit our booth at the exhibition and if you didn’t have the chance to meet us or if you have any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact our representative for Mediterranean Europe and North Africa at andrea@opti-solar.com.

OPTI-Solar Website: http://www.opti-solar.eu

Date: October, 2011 Solar Power International 2011

Solar Power International 2011

Solar Power International is North America's largest B2B solar event. No other conference provides such large scope and access to experts. OPTI-Solar is proud to be a part of such an exhibition. We plan to exhibit our high end solar product at Solar Power International in Dallas, Texas.
OPTI-Solar Grid-Tied Inverter GT series offer user friendly and cost effective solar solutions. Our robust design enables us to sustain in harsh environment while variety of accessories enable round the clock monitoring in any weather. Our modular designs help in meeting any growing needs of our customers.
Visit us at Solar Power International Booth 120 (Zone-Balance of System) for any queries regarding our products.


Event: Solar Power International (SPI 2011)
Date: October 17 to 21
Venue: Dallas Convention Center
Booth: Hall A, Booth No. 120 (Zone-Balance of System) [See map of fairground]

For more information, check out SPI's website.

Date: June, 2011 Intersolar Europe a Success!

     It was great meeting everyone at Intersolar Europe! OPTI-Solar thanks all of you for your support this year and we hope we can continue to provide our great products and service in the future. We want nothing more than to offer the best for our customers, so please contact us at info@opti-solar.com with your requirements, and we believe we will have just the thing for you! We are looking forward to speaking with you! If you are stopping by Intersolar North America, please also remember to come visit us at our booth!


Date: July 12 - 14, 2011 Intersolar North America, 2011
Intersolar Europe 2011

Event: Intersolar North America 2011
Date: July 12 - 14
Venue: Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA
Booth: Booth No. 7551

For more information, check out Intersolar North America's website.

To register for Intersolar North America, please visit Intersolar's Visitor Registration.


Date: June 8 - 10, 2011 Intersolar Europe, 2011
Intersolar Europe 2011

Event: Intersolar Europe 2011
Date: June 8 - 10
Venue: New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany
Booth: Booth No. 131G

For more information, check out Intersolar Europe's website.

To register your ticket, please visit Intersolar's E-ticket Registration.


Date: May 4 - 6, 2011 Solarexpo 2011, Verona


    Solarexpo is an international exhibition and conference on renewable energy, and OPTI-solar is proud to announce its participation in such a grand event. OPTI-solar continuously expands its market to reach more users all over the world, and is planning to show you premium OPTI-Solar products at Solarexpo in Verona, Italy this year.
    OPTI-Solar offers GT series, the user-friendly and cost effective Grid-Tied Inverter. The durable design endures harsh environments, and the wide range of accessories allows for easy monitoring in any weather.Flexible design based on any requirements makes Grid-Tied Inverter Series the reliable choice which ensures the
best energy harvest.
    Be sure to visit Solarexpo 2011 Hall 7B, Booth number H3.1, and OPTI-Solar can
ensure you satisfactory solutions
to your solar problems!


For more information, check out SOLAREXPO website.


Date: Dec. 6 - 7, 2010 Solar Canada 2010
Solar Canada 2010

Event: Solar Canada 2010 Conference & Exposition
Date: December 6 - 7
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC)
Booth: Booth No. 1230

For more information, check out CanSIA website.


Date: Nov. 9 - 14, 2010 XXIII Feria Internacional El Salvador 2010
FIES 2010

Event: XXIII Feria Internacional El Salvador 2010 (XXIII International Fair)
Date: November 9 - 14
Venue: Centro Internacional de Ferias y Convenciones, San Salvador, El Salvador
Booth: International Hall No. 12, Booth 11 [See map of fairground]
Contact: Fernando Fernandez

For more information, check out XXIII Feria Internacional El Salvador website.

Visitors can Register Online here.


Date: Oct. 12 - 14, 2010 Great Ending to Solar Power International

     Thank you for showing your support in Solar Power International in Los Angeles. This is the first time OPTI-Solar has presented our quality solar inverters in SPI and it was a great experience to provide these great products for you. We are so happy to meet you there, and hope to give you more reliable solar solutions for years to come!


Date: Oct. 12 - 14, 2010 Solar Power International

Event: Solar Power International (SPI 2010)
Date: October 12 - 14
Venue: Los Angeles Convention Center
Booth: Kentia Hall, Booth #6038 [See map of fairground]

For more information, check out SPI's website.

Attendees can Register Online here.


Date: Oct. 14 - 17, 2010 IGEM 2010

Event: IGEM 2010 (International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia)
Date: Oct. 14 - 17
Venue: KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

For more information, check out IGEM website. Be sure to Register Online to avoid queues on event!


Date: June 9 - 11, 2010 2010 Intersolar

Event: 2010 Intersolar
Date: June 9-11
Venue: New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Germany

For more information, check out Intersolar website.


Date: June 1 - 5, 2010 Computex Taipei

Event: Computex Taipei 2010
Date: June 1-5
Venue: Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) No. 5, Hsin-Yi Road, Section 5, Taipei City
C212. 214

Please Pre-register on the Computex website by May 30 (On-site registration only after May 30)

Before May 21 to have the badge sent to your hotel
Before May 30 to claim the badge beforehand June 1-5, Please bring confirmation letter and two business cards


Date: March 30 - April 1, 2010 Sourcing Taiwan 2010

Event: Sourcing Taiwan 2010
Date: March 30 – April 1
Venue: Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC) No. 5, Hsin-Yi Road, Section 5, Taipei City

Thank you all for your participation and support last year at Sourcing Taiwan 2009. We invite you all to come join us again, or if you couldn’t make it last year, please come visit us this year. We will provide you with our services and introduce our newest UPS and solar systems to assist in your everyday needs.

OPTI-UPS was established in 1991, and OPTI-Solar was established in 2006 by OPTI-UPS. Being a supplier of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), OPTI-UPS has focused on the export market since 1991. Up to now, OPTI International has distributors spread out all over the world, and with its expertise and knowledge in power protection, OPTI-Solar is created to provide solutions to people’s daily solar needs.
For service support, we provide thorough and prompt services in consultation, configuration, maintenance and repair. Moreover, we conduct regular product updates and technical seminars to benefit our partners.
Our confidence in superior quality and more than 19 years of solid achievements have satisfied customers worldwide with continuous growth for all parties every year.

In OPTI-UPS brand, we provide wide range loads of UPS for different devices in three main series, Standby series, Line Interactive series, and On Line series.

In OPTI-Solar brand, we offer series of Solar Power System and Solar/LED Lighting products based on energy saving and cost-effective consideration, including solar panels, solar inverters, and solar lights of different scales.

Please come visit us and let us help you find solutions to your everyday needs.

For schedule, traffic, or other information regarding Sourcing Taiwan, please visit their website at http://sourcingtaiwan.taiwantrade.com.tw/english/agenda.asp

Also please feel free to contact us with any questions at info@opti-ups.com.tw.

Please see our invitaiton to you all:


Date: Jan. 18-21, 2010 World Future Energy Summit 2010

In April 2006, Abu Dhabi took a bold and historic decision to embrace renewable and sustainable energy solutions. As the first major hydrocarbon-producing nation to take such a step, it established its leadership position by launching Masdar, a global cooperative platform dedicated to finding and deploying solutions to some of the mankind’s most pressing issues: energy security, climate change and truly sustainable human development. The World Future Energy and Environment Summit and Exhibitions have created one of the world’s must-attend events in future energy, an unmissable networking and business opportunity for the energy and environment communities.

This information was acquired from the WFES(World Future Energy Summit) website. For more information, go to: